Thursday, February 22, 2007

Born With a Gift

My father tells me I became an artist at the early age of 8 months. Which, I did not believe until I saw my mother for the first time, six years ago. She was telling me the same story my father had been telling me all those years! I was drawing shapes and scribbles at 8 months! My father said I looked like a little fat troll baby with bright hazel eyes. My jet black hair just wouldn't sit down. It was like a bolt of lightning hit me. I must of looked pretty funny and weird at that time! Relatives and neighbors would come over and watch me draw. I'm sure some of them were surprised. I think it was around my first year that I drew my first figure, my father tells me. It was a full bodied person! I don't think my father will ever get tired of telling me that story.

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drattlingleaf said...

Hello, My name is Debbie Rattling Leaf(Gloyd). I am your believe I'm your cousin. My mother is Betsy Wallowing Bull(Gloyd). You probably don't remember us, but just wanted to let you know I proud to know that we have such a gifted artist in the family. Say hello also to your sister "Fawn" I believe.