Sunday, March 27, 2011

Self Taught Artist

I find it interesting for an art instructor to actually give grades for something a student creates. What makes it “A” work?...I’m doing just fine with what I’m doing. Grading art is subjective. I'm sure my techniques to some professors would not warrant an A for the class for my work. I have met numerous artists who are not able to shed their art teacher's influences from their work once they have graduated. A friend of mine James Rosenquist had told me once before to stay away from art teachers. James wants me to be untouched and original. After all I’m a self-taught artist, which is bothersome to some in the art academic world. Although getting a college degree in the arts does bring knowledge of history and technique that perhaps one day I can do. I believe I am an artist by birth, not by degree. I may be going at my art career backwards than those at the university. But, it's not like getting a degree in accounting, nursing or computers. "Making it" in the art world takes talent and hard work. I know the importance of a college education and learn vicariously through my artist friends who are professors and students in the art world. One day, I would like to get a degree in college but for now, I'm too busy with my art career. I am going to keep on going forward.